Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Sarka Winter Solstice Offering

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If you’re in the northern hemisphere, today is the Winter Solstice—also known as the first day of winter. If you’re in the southern hemisphere, your summer officially begins today and you’re not to talk to me until I can feel my toes again. The heat’s broken in my office and nowhere else, and don’t think I haven’t gotten wise to certain family members’ efforts to make me socialize during the holidays (I’m looking right at you, Sage and Cemil).


But the solstice is a time of forgiveness and rebirth, and since it’s warmer out here by Myron’s computer, I’ve offered to do our Yule blog post. At great personal inconvenience, I might add.

Many religions celebrate holy days this time of year, a time of family, friends, and gift-giving that can be traced back thousands of years. And even secular celebrations touch on the traditions we know and love. One popular decoration you’ll see is mistletoe.

Especially around here, and did no one think of how badly that could end up when some of the guests see the rest of us as Meals on Wheels?

The tradition of kissing under this (poisonous!) plant comes from embracing to show you were friend. Legend says that Vikings, upon meeting a foe under mistletoe, would lay down arms and meet in peace. But did you know that mistletoe is for more than just kissing? In ancient times, it was called heal all, and many people today still believe in its uses in treating heart conditions, convulsive disorders, and even cancer. But don’t go out and start tinkering with it yourself! Mistletoe is toxic, and has been known to cause seizures in children. Always consult your healer before adding any potions to your health care.

Luckily, there are many ways to use mistletoe in magic that don’t involve my special potion-making skills. For example:

  • Hang a sprig of mistletoe over your door to bring peace and friendship to your house (and to protect against lightning!).
  • Burn some mistletoe to banish evil.
  • An amulet carved from mistletoe wood will promote fertility.
  • A sprig of mistletoe under your pillow or hanging from the headboard will promote restful sleep and peaceful dreams.
  • Share a kiss with your lover under the mistletoe and your love will endure.

And many more.

Mistletoe is such a useful plant, I have plenty in my stores no matter what time of year. If you have need, please come see me in the main Haus.

I’ve got to go now. We have a whole group of young vampires coming in for the next week, and I think that's my cue to hex my heater into submission.

A joyous and peaceful Yule to you all,


Saturday, December 3, 2016

99 cent Sale

Thru Monday 99 cents

Welcome back to the Wiccan Haus!

Author Susie Charlie has finally finished her bestselling series, but constant writing has turned her into a shut-in. And, unable to produce any new work, her Muse, Isyllus, is terrified he'll be forced to leave her. He must find a way to put the idea of the Wiccan Haus into her mind. 

But, once on the island, Susie can actually see Isyllus and his love from a distance becomes a hot, potent entity between them. Danger and deception threaten to keep them apart. Still, the question remains, can an author really fall in love with her Muse? 

In the Wiccan Haus, anything is possible.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Now Available Bear Essentials

Bear Essentials ~ Wiccan Haus #16
Roxy Stamford has been a lone bear for all of her life. But, on her twenty-fourth birthday, things are about to change. A letter from her mother, and a picture, send her on an adventure of epic proportions.
Juneau Baxter isn't looking for a mate. As a security member for Wiccan Haus, his job always comes first—until the day he meets Roxy Stamford. From the get go, the little bear turns his world upside down. Her ambivalent attitude is a cover, though. He’s sure of it, but what she's up to, he has no clue.
With the days slowly ticking away, Roxy is desperate to find the man in the picture while trying to avoid Juneau who rubs her the wrong way while also drawing her in. When a chance encounter leaves her pissed off and angry, strange things are put into motion.
Now, with time running out, she has to face her fears and acknowledge her pain. But, she's not sure who to trust. Juneau, who promises her nothing or the vampire who promises her the sweet relief of revenge.
One wrong move could cost her everything.

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Monday, October 24, 2016

Snarkology at the Wiccan Haus

Welcome to the Snarkology! Thank you for following the Snarkology Halloween Hop from Oct. 26th thru 31st for the opportunity to discover fun, great books, and awesome prizes! Please bookmark the hop landing page so you’re able to return at your leisure to trick or treating the seventy-plus participating sites. Hop Landing Page: 

The Wiccan Haus is a shared world series, so the series is written by a handful of different authors. All bringing their own touch and characters into the series and the setting but always using at least one of the main Characters from the series.

Meet the Rowan Siblings owners of the Spa and resort...

Sarka (the eldest)

Sarka Rowan is the Alchemist. She creates potions and practices transmutation. Her skill with transmutation is unparalleled in the paranormal world. Although her gift is most effective with a para, she has been known to assist the rare human. She refuses to make a love potion or to bring back someone from the dead. Neither ever works out well.

Cyrus (the second eldest)

Cyrus Rowan is the Retrocog - when he touches an item, he is able to see the past of the current owner and in some cases past owners. Very handy when they find an item and do not know who it belongs to. He is uncomfortable with his gift and rarely uses it. He wears gloves so he isn’t overwhelmed with information from items he touches.

Cemil (the middle child)

Cemil Rowan is the Empath – although he can sense a person’s feelings from a great distance (even through the telephone when taking reservations), his true powers come when he can physically hold the hands of the person he is trying to heal. Cemil is more whimsical than the others.

Sage (the youngest)

Sage Rowan is the Herbalist. She has the ability to know just what materials (herbs, spices and flowers) are needed to help a client—human or para—heal. She creates the shakes, food, candles, and soaps required for each individual client’s needs during their stay on the island.

And two important Residents of the Island...

Rekkus is the head of Security. He is the were-tiger, hero of Shifting Hearts and mated to Dana. When in Tiger form he is a 700-pound Black tiger with silver stripes. He is officially bodyguard to Cyrus. Rekkus is also prime to the Tiger-weres though refuses to take the crown.

Myron is the receptionist and is a card reader. She works the front desk and has what appears to be a standard set of playing cards.

The books are stand alones and can be read in any order but it is encouraged to read Shifting Hearts first as it will introduce the readers to the world of the Wiccan Haus and its residents.


To anyone who hasn't read the Wiccan Haus books we are offering a free copy of the introduction. All you have to do is FOLLOW us here. Leave us a comment that says "I want a free copy of Shifting Hearts" and a way to contact you :)  
And like the Wiccan Haus Fan Page

Easy Peasy.

Don't forget to keep hopping.

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Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Renewed Spirits is up for pre-order!

Renewed Spirits is up for pre-order! I'll add the rest of the links as they go live.

Amazon UK

Amazon CA
Amazon AU

All Romance Ebooks




A Desperate Woman
Wiccan Haus is Raegan’s last hope for a miracle. Unable to produce an heir for her husband, she finds herself abandoned and penniless. Raised to be the perfect wife and mother, her failure has broken her spirit.
A Reviled Demon
Zamahl comes to Wiccan Haus seeking meditation and relief from the never-ending sexual urges of his incubus nature. Driven to seek their true mates, incubi are the ultimate one-night stand from which some females never recover. Shunned throughout the para realms, he doubts he will ever find a woman to satisfy the demon within.
A Forbidden Passion
When Raegan meets the copper-eyed stranger, a passion she never believed herself capable of awakens. Zamahl is horrified by his burning attraction to the timid little human. Humans, weak of mind and body, are to be avoided at all costs.
As the Summer Solstice celebrations continue, Raegan must decide what she really wants from life, and find the courage to claim it. She must overcome Zamahl’s doubts, the disapproval of one very unhappy were-tiger and the fickleness of Fate to find true happiness.