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Loving her might just be the death of him.

Available July 13th

When Coast Guard rescue swimmer Kaleb Theldon sees what he's sure is a mermaid pulling his partner into the murky depths of the Bering Sea, they call it PTSD. In order to save his career, Kaleb agrees to a week at an island spa off the coast of Maine. But the spa is nothing like he expected, and he isn't prepared for the sexy siren that crosses his path. But will her passion be more than one mere human can take?

Serena has a problem, and after four previous visits to the Wiccan Haus, she'd expected things to get easier. But on the mermaid’s fifth visit, Kaleb walks in and everything in her life becomes complicated. Never has she wanted to mate with a human man before. But can she love a man who has a chip on his shoulder a league long when it comes to mermaids? Can she deal with her own issues all while keeping her true self secret from the man she loves?

And will loving him prove deadly?

This time, the staff have more than healing on their agenda. Can the siblings, Myron, and Rekkus prove to these two lovers that things aren't always how they appear on the surface? Or will Kaleb's demise be found in his Siren's Serenade?

Welcome back to the Wiccan Haus.

They had come to the cliffs looking over the ocean. The moonlight lit a runway across the rippling waters below. He couldn’t look at her, didn’t want to see her laugh—or worse, decide he was crazy. “I was rescuing a friend from the waters off the coast of Alaska. That area isn’t kind on the best of days, and this was a rocky sea kind of day. A fishing vessel made a distress call. The ship was taking on water and they had abandoned ship as it sank. We had a man in the water so numb he couldn’t get into the ring, and my buddy Jim jumped in to help. We brought up the man and I lowered the wire to bring Jim up. Just then a huge wave took the ‘copter within feet of the water. Jim reached out to grab my hand, when a woman swam up beside him…and then he was gone under the water, staring up at me for a second before I lost him completely.”

Serena laughed. “That’s ridiculous.”

Kaleb gritted his teeth so hard he was sure he’d crack a tooth.

“Mermaids don’t live in Alaska. It’s too cold.”

“Excuse me?”

“Why would any mermaid want to live in those waters? It’s cold enough here.”

Kaleb shook his head to clear it, turned to look at her because no one in all the time he was going through this had reacted like this. “Let me get this straight: you aren’t arguing with me that mermaids exist, just that they don’t live in the Bering Sea?”

“Well, I suppose they could live there, but I can’t imagine wanting to. I mean there…” She stopped, her mouth forming an “O.”

“You were saying?”

“Nothing. I just don’t think you’re any crazier than anyone else here on the island.”

Now it was his turn to laugh. “You’re not very reassuring.”


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Myrons Advice to the LoveStruck (INT)

Myron the Receptionist at the Wiccan Haus takes on the LoveStruck question....

The Heart of the Matter

We at the Wiccan Haus get a lot of questions about love potions and spells. And while it’s never a good idea to cast a spell on another person – you should always respect free will and the law of nature says that whatever you do comes back to you – there’s nothing that says you can’t…help things along a little.

Did you know that the Romany (or, as some people call them, Gypsies) view the apple as the symbol of the heart? Apples are associated with both the planet and goddess Venus, the goddess of love. If you slice an apple in half crosswise, you’ll find the five-pointed star Wiccans call the pentacle, representing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. It is a positive, life-affirming symbol of balance, and a perfect way to bring love into your life. It's even said that people with partners can add to loving feelings to the relationship by cutting an apple in half and sharing it with their lover.

Some other loving apple tricks:

·         Scott Cunningham, in his book The Magic in Food: Legends, Lore & Spells (Llewellyn Publications, 1992) suggests to bring true love into your life by carving a heart into the skin of the apple before eating.

·         Drink apple cider and bake (and eat) an apple pie. While making the pie, visualize an enjoyable time with an ideal mate. Cut steam vents in the top of a two-crusted pie in the shape of a heart.

·         On Halloween night at midnight, peel an apple in a single strip and throw the peel over your left shoulder or into a basin of water. The peel will form the first initial of your future love.

If none of these tricks work for you, come and see me at the Front Desk. We’ll check your numbers and see what love and the Fates have in store for you at the Wiccan Haus.

LoveStruck at The Wiccan Haus

Coming next Month

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Congrats to the Summer Kick Off Blog Hop

Congrats to The Brunette Librarian you are the winners of the Summer Kick off Blog Hop :)

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Summer Kick Off Blog Hop

Welcome to The Wiccan Haus Stop on the Summer Kick Off Blog Tour.

What is the Wiccan Haus?

The Wiccan Haus is a shared world series, so the series is written by a handful of different authors. All bringing their own touch and characters into the series and the setting but always using atleast one of the main Characters from the series.

We thrilled that Book Three in the Series  An Apple Away is to be released this weekend. :)

A witch's spell great love may break

Aislinn never wants to see another doctor. Their painful and pointless treatments have done nothing to improve her rapidly deteriorating health. She hopes that the staff of Wiccan Haus can at least offer a change of scene, if not a return of a little of her former strength. She’s delighted to meet Punda, a masseuse, on her arrival and charmed by the cottage in the apple orchard where she will stay.

Dr. Hugo Peralta visits the island at the insistence of his boss. The distinguished brain surgeon is in desperate need of a respite before overwork makes him one of his own patients. He is surprised but pleased with the privacy and serenity of his cottage—across the orchard from Aislinn’s. An idyllic location on a magical island where love can blossom—if the Rowans can help the trio save Aislinn from whatever is killing her.


Most of Hugo’s attention remained on Aislinn. Her expressions flitted across her face, happiness, concern when Harvey talked about how he’d nearly lost his love to the evil—Jenny laughed at that, holding her husband’s hand tight—Sam and his “underhanded tactics.” Before he knew it, dinner, whatever it had been, had come and gone and their waiter was placing dessert before them.

“Warm apple crisp, with vanilla whipped cream.” The waiter stepped back. “From our own orchard.” Hugo frowned, but lifted his spoon. Why was the man hovering?

Aislinn, however, dug right in. “Oh, it’s just delicious! You know, my cottage is right in the middle of the orchard. It’s like a fairy tale…I didn’t know apple trees bloomed and fruited at the same time.”
So, this beautiful and intriguing woman was his neighbor—his sole neighbor—in his hilltop retreat. Interesting.

The waiter was going on about the apples. “Oh, a very special variety, miss. Grows only here on the island.”

“Well, it’s lovely.” She spooned up more of the crisp then sighed and set the implement next to her bowl.
“But I don’t think I can eat another bite.”

Hugo ate some of the dessert. Good, but he rarely indulged. His focus was still on Aislinn and his medical side became alarmed as she suddenly paled. “Are you all right?”

She drew a deep breath and stood up from the table. “Oh, I’m fine. A little tired, maybe.” Her thready voice worried him.

“Perhaps we should see if a doctor or nurse….”

“No doctors. Never again.” Her vehemence added strength to her tone and sent an unhappy flip to his stomach. “I-I think I’ll be heading back to my cottage now. It’s been a pleasure having dinner with all of you. I’ll see you tomorrow, I’m sure.”

She took a few steps away and he rose, intending to join her, but a dark, graceful woman arrived at her side and led her over to a table where four people sat. They nodded in welcome and chatted for a few moments before one of them reached into a pocket and pulled out a vial. She tapped it, speaking with a serious expression before handing it to Aislinn. Rising, she gave her a quick hug then returned to her seat.

Aislinn left the room with the dark-haired woman’s arm around her waist. She must be very ill. But what had doctors done to make her reject their care and turn to quackery?

And what the hell was in that vial?

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Welcome to the Shameless Summer Hop

Welcome to the Shameless Summer Hop. A big thanks to Red Hot BooksRomance Around the Corner and  Michelle's Book Blog hosting 

So with Summer just around the corner we thought we would bring Trixie the Wiccan Haus' Resident instructor on Deep breathing over to help you relax and enjoy the Summer Time.

Deep Breaths with Trixie

Deep Breathing for Humans and Paras 
Hi, I’m Trixie.  You’ve probably seen me walking around the island.  I’m the tall woman with long silver hair.  Some people call me ethereal, and that’s probably because when one is so aware of their breathing pattern and are truly breathing deeply, it can transfer you to an otherworldly state.  I’m going to help you get there.  The best plan is to make your reservation for a week at the Wiccan Haus and spend part of each day in my deep breathing classes.

If you can’t make it to the Wiccan Haus, then checking in here is the next best thing.  I’ll be dropping by every so often to give you tips.  To start off, here’s what you need to know.  Deep breathing is for everyone, Humans and Paras alike.

Dear Humans, don’t worry about what a Para is.  They are nothing you need to concern yourself with.  This is what does concern you:  To physically and spiritually heal and stay healthy in mind and spirit, you must breathe properly.  If you’re stressed, you’re never going to relax until you get your breathing settled down.  To really understand who you are and all that you are meant to be, you have to learn to breathe first.

Paras, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.  You need to breathe deeply for the same reasons the humans do, but it’s even more critical for you.  You have powers you need to nurture.  How can you keep your powers strong if the rest of you is not?

  • My darling vamps, of course, you need to feed, but you can’t just attack anyone.  Rekkus will be on you so fast you won’t know what hit you.  Mastering deep breathing is critical to keeping your appetites in check.  And this goes for you lamias too.

  • Weres, you need to breathe deeply to control your shift.  Telly, boy, I’m talking to you.  I haven’t seen you in class nearly enough, and it shows.  You are out of control.  And until you start breathing properly, Rekkus is going to keep beating your ass.

  • Psychics, you know what I’m going to say, right?  Breathing is so important for you to keep your mind open to see clearly.  If you’re not in touch with yourself, how can you see for others?

That’s all for now.  Just remember to take a few minutes each day to simply breathe deeply.  It will make a difference in your entire life.  Next time I’ll work with you on the specifics of how to achieve this

Get to know more about Trixie and All the Residence of the Wiccan Haus. 

Now Available at Musa Publishing.


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