Friday, June 1, 2012

Welcome to the Shameless Summer Hop

Welcome to the Shameless Summer Hop. A big thanks to Red Hot BooksRomance Around the Corner and  Michelle's Book Blog hosting 

So with Summer just around the corner we thought we would bring Trixie the Wiccan Haus' Resident instructor on Deep breathing over to help you relax and enjoy the Summer Time.

Deep Breaths with Trixie

Deep Breathing for Humans and Paras 
Hi, I’m Trixie.  You’ve probably seen me walking around the island.  I’m the tall woman with long silver hair.  Some people call me ethereal, and that’s probably because when one is so aware of their breathing pattern and are truly breathing deeply, it can transfer you to an otherworldly state.  I’m going to help you get there.  The best plan is to make your reservation for a week at the Wiccan Haus and spend part of each day in my deep breathing classes.

If you can’t make it to the Wiccan Haus, then checking in here is the next best thing.  I’ll be dropping by every so often to give you tips.  To start off, here’s what you need to know.  Deep breathing is for everyone, Humans and Paras alike.

Dear Humans, don’t worry about what a Para is.  They are nothing you need to concern yourself with.  This is what does concern you:  To physically and spiritually heal and stay healthy in mind and spirit, you must breathe properly.  If you’re stressed, you’re never going to relax until you get your breathing settled down.  To really understand who you are and all that you are meant to be, you have to learn to breathe first.

Paras, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you.  You need to breathe deeply for the same reasons the humans do, but it’s even more critical for you.  You have powers you need to nurture.  How can you keep your powers strong if the rest of you is not?

  • My darling vamps, of course, you need to feed, but you can’t just attack anyone.  Rekkus will be on you so fast you won’t know what hit you.  Mastering deep breathing is critical to keeping your appetites in check.  And this goes for you lamias too.

  • Weres, you need to breathe deeply to control your shift.  Telly, boy, I’m talking to you.  I haven’t seen you in class nearly enough, and it shows.  You are out of control.  And until you start breathing properly, Rekkus is going to keep beating your ass.

  • Psychics, you know what I’m going to say, right?  Breathing is so important for you to keep your mind open to see clearly.  If you’re not in touch with yourself, how can you see for others?

That’s all for now.  Just remember to take a few minutes each day to simply breathe deeply.  It will make a difference in your entire life.  Next time I’ll work with you on the specifics of how to achieve this

Get to know more about Trixie and All the Residence of the Wiccan Haus. 

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  1. Glass of wine with a good book will help me relax almost every time. If that won't do it some nice music with the wine will kick it ;)

  2. I second the wine, only I usually drink a strawberry daiquiri with a friend. Something about laughing, visiting and a little strawberry and whip cream that can make everything ok again.

    brunettelibrarian AT gmAil . c0m
    The Brunette Librarian Blog

  3. My relaxation comes from a deep breath and going out to the patio and reading, even if it is only for ten minutes this opens my mind to a better place :) Thank you for participating in this fun hop.

  4. A cup of Starbucks passion fruit shaken iced tea and a really good book.

  5. I relax by hiding some place quiet in the house and reading. Thanks for the giveaway!

    beckerjo at verizon dot net

  6. I relax my hiding on my patio with a tall glass of ice water and a book with my doggy. He lays in the grass and I lounge in my chair. The kids and hubby haven't figured this one out yet.
    bournmelissa at hotmail dot com

  7. I like to relax by taking a nice hot bath with some candles lit.. I follow your blog by gfc as jodi32

  8. I relax by reading. I lock all of my doors, turn off the TV, radio and phone and read....I love it!

  9. I relax by having a cup of hot tea and kicking back with a book. I enjoy the series, thanks for the giveaway!


  10. I relax by swinging on the glider and reading....

  11. I read and lounge around to relax.


  12. I also lounge and read to relax


  13. I relax by reading once my kids have gone to sleep.


  14. I read to relax.
    Gfc Andrea Wardlow

  15. Reading brings me relaxation.

    Thanks for participating in the hop and for the giveaway opportunity.

    GFC: Sophia Rose

  16. I relax in my patio swing witha big glass of iced tea and my Kindle.

    Thanks for the giveaway!
    GFC: Susan White


  17. I relax by reading! Thanks for the giveaway! GFC Follower Gale Nelson

  18. Listening to music relaxes me.

    Thanks for the chance!


  19. A glass of a good red wine and a good book do the trick every time.
    Have a great summer.

  20. I relax with reading and coffee! Thank you, Trixie for the tips. ;)
    trb0917 at

  21. I relax by having a cup of coffee or tea and read a book.

  22. I love to read when ever I can relaxes me alot! Thank you for the great giveaway!