Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Welcome Spring Equinox

Spring Fertility Chant 
by: Jennifer Reif
Mother and father of all growing things
Unto my being your golden love bring
Bless this seed to fulfill its design
Of leaf and fruit, of blossom and vine

Today at  10:28 GMT Spring came dancing to our door. At the Wiccan Haus the entrance of spring is always a reason to celebrate. Rebirth and Renewal abound.  We also enter the my Season. As an herbalist spring is the beginning of my year. This is the time I most look forward to. After months of snow, cold and hard lifelessness the birds are returning and the goddess has rewarded our patience with green and beauty. Not that winter doesn't hold a beauty of her own. For me spring is where the true beauty lies.

In celebration beautifully decorated eggs are placed around the resort as a symbol of the rebirth that is taken place. And each guest is given one specifically designed and decorated for them that they may take with them where ever there travels will take them.

And I rejoice that I can once again return to the place I hold most dear my herb garden. My hands can finally feel the dirt between them and I can watch the herbs, flowers and plants grow.


Welcome Spring