The Residents

      Rekkus Duteigr is head of Security for the Wiccan Haus and bodyguard to Cyrus. In his shifted form Rekkus becomes a 700 pound black tiger with silver stripes.  He is notorious for both his strength and his bad temper. He is mated to Dana Stone and their story is told in Shifting Hearts.   

      Myron is the Romney receptionist and a card reader. She works the front desk and has what appears to be a standard set of playing cards. She can never find her name tag and lives to rile up Rekkus.

Dana (Stone) Duteigr came to the island as a human guest and stayed when the fates declared her Rekkus' mate. She works in the gardens for Sage and helps with yoga when she can. She can find Rekkus' protective streak and the island stifling at times as she is still learning her way in the world of Para's.

Trixie leads deep breathing classes and is a tall, ethereal woman with silver hair. Her age is not known and don't let the silver hair fool you into believing she is old.

Serena Theldon is the resident mermaid. Though destine to take he mothers place one day as ruler of her people she is in no hurry to do so. She is happy to help on the island where she can. She can be found helping the guests with  hydro-therapy and Rekkus as underwater security for the island. She is married to Kaleb Theldon.

Kaleb Theldon is a human former coastguard rescue diver. He now works for the Para Elite Forces in search and rescue. He is the only one on the island who works off the island and is one of the few humans with access to the portals.