Sunday, October 21, 2012

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Fiona must keep her ability to read minds during sex a secret from those determined to exploit her, especially a sexy truth-finding investigator who needs her psychic power to save his job.
Fiona has spent her life hiding her sexual mind-reading power at the risk of being exploited by the government. Instead, she pretends to have lifebond vetting powers like the rest of her family. When her fake power results in the death of an innocent woman, her life of lies unravels and she retreats to the Wiccan Haus.
Armando is the head of the Department of Truth-Finding for the Syndicate. To prove his unit’s worth to the government, he follows Fiona to the Wiccan Haus to expose her as an infiltrator of an enemy faction. The truth about Fiona is even more valuable to his people and his career.
Fiona uses her power to seduce Armando and stop his plans to betray her. But nothing is strong enough to keep her from falling in love with this man whose power threatens to destroy her. Now she must trust him, not only with her life and her psychic lies, but also her heart.


Fiona dropped her fork. How could her soul have picked a man like this for her mate? The Fates played cruel jokes, and once again they’d come at her expense. “The Vetter was just trying her best.”
“Her best to do what?” Armando demanded, gripping her arm a bit tighter.
“To be a Vetter.” By the Goddess, she’d tried so hard. Her failure had cost an innocent woman her life.
He rubbed his hand along her arm, his face breaking into a smile again. “You know, I believe you’re right.”
A fat lot of good that did for Lizbet. She looked down at his hand on her arm. “Why are you always touching me?” She didn’t know him well enough to warrant the constant contact, but she enjoyed his touch. She didn’t deserve to enjoy anything.
He smiled wider. “I can’t stop myself from touching you, Fiona. You feel the connection too, don’t you?
She hated that her soul wanted to claim a man who scorned anyone who didn’t use their powers for the greater good. Denying her true powers was the entire foundation of her life. “I’m actually not a tactile person.”
That was such a big lie she couldn’t look him in the eye. Not a tactile person. All her powers were concentrated in the most intimate tactile experience possible.
His grin split even wider. “I’d love the chance to prove you wrong.”
And when he did, she’d know what he was thinking. She’d know how much he despised the woman who claimed to be a Vetter and allowed the Commander’s beloved daughter to lifebond with a man who ended up murdering her. Fiona had come to the Wiccan Haus to get away from the public’s hatred and scorn, not see it behind this man’s beautiful smile and feel it no matter how warm and gentle his hands.
She shoved away from the table and ran for the exit.
“What’s wrong? That was supposed to be a compliment,” Armando called after her.
The dining room quieted around her. Everyone stared. Once again, she was drawing attention and making a fool of herself. But she couldn’t stop.
All she’d ever wanted was to be a simple Vetter with real vetting powers. But that life was a lie. The truth, however, was far worse than a life of lies.