Monday, February 13, 2012

Myron’s Magical Advice for Lovers

The Heart of the Matter

This time of year, we at the Wiccan Haus get a lot of questions about love potions and spells. And while it’s never a good idea to cast a spell on another person – you should always respect free will and the law of nature says that whatever you do comes back to you – there’s nothing that says you can’t…help things along a little.

Did you know that the Romany (or, as some people call them, Gypsies) view the apple as the symbol of the heart? Apples are associated with both the planet and goddess Venus, the goddess of love. If you slice an apple in half crosswise, you’ll find the five-pointed star Wiccans call the pentacle, representing earth, air, fire, water, and spirit. It is a positive, life-affirming symbol of balance, and a perfect way to bring love into your life. It's even said that people with partners can add to loving feelings to the relationship by cutting an apple in half and sharing it with their lover.

Some other loving apple tricks:

·         Scott Cunningham, in his book The Magic in Food: Legends, Lore & Spells (Llewellyn Publications, 1992) suggests to bring true love into your life by carving a heart into the skin of the apple before eating.

·         Drink apple cider and bake (and eat) an apple pie. While making the pie, visualize an enjoyable time with an ideal mate. Cut steam vents in the top of a two-crusted pie in the shape of a heart.

·         On Halloween night at midnight, peel an apple in a single strip and throw the peel over your left shoulder or into a basin of water. The peel will form the first initial of your future love.

If none of these tricks work for you, come and see me at the Front Desk. We’ll check your numbers and see what love and the Fates have in store for you at the Wiccan Haus.


  1. When in doubt, listen to Myron. She has all the answers. I'm sure of it.

  2. Very interesting stuff, Myron, but what if I can't peel an apple in a single strip? Does that mean I'll never know my love's initials? Also, is there anything I can do right now to find out who my love could be?

    1. Myron says:

      All it takes is practice. Lots and lots of practice!

      There are lots of ways to find out who your future love could be. An old Romany trick is to soft boil an egg, remove the shell, and cut the whit in half to free the yolk. Roll the yolk in salt before putting it back inside the halves of the white. Eat the egg before you go to bed. You will dream about being very thirsty, and whoever brings you water in your dream is your future mate. If no one brings you water, then the Fates have not yet decided for you.

      If that doesn't work, come see me and I'll check your numbers. Maybe the Fates have more in store for you than you realize...

    2. Liz, I think I'm going to come see you and have my numbers checked. I don't much care for boiled eggs. Seriously, lets get together.

  3. Just thought I might let you all know that I just recieved the executed contract back for Unveil My Heart!! I am now a definite part of the Wiccan Haus click!!!!


  4. What a neat site and I am very happy to give it some love as requested! And can you believe that I am sitting here eating an apple? Yes, seriously! Hmm...